ideapitcher revolutionizes the way we develop and share ideas

Everyone can have a great idea, but only few are able to turn it into a success. Idea development is a complex process with lots of choices and decisions. Only a few people on this planet have access to the tools and the network they need to succeed. That’s history now. Meet ideapitcher, a global community of creative minds, collaborators, specialists, companies and investors. By connecting all those stakeholders we create a business environment in which superior ideas can be found, created and made to perfection.

The ideapitcher team is on a mission to create a secure global social platform where people can receive structured feedback, find industry experts and collaborators to elaborate on their idea, establish funding and realize their dream. On the other hand, ideapitcher is a tool for companies and investors to get in contact with creative minds who could develop successful new businesses or products.

“We want to change the world by giving more people the tools to establish their dreams. Eventually the world will be filled with more sophisticated products and services. That’s the dream of the ideapitcher team. Are you crazy enough to think that you can change the world? Join us!” – Quinten van Solt, founder of ideapitcher

Scared someone else will hijack your idea?
Don’t be! The idea itself is not most important, it’s about you and the resources that you have access to. It’s not possible to protect an idea by any worldwide law, while sharing is a necessary step in the process to success. When using ideapitcher your ideas will be locked in the cloud, only accessible to you and the people you choose to share it with. People who are interested to see your idea will have to digitally sign an automatic generated ‘non-disclosure agreement’ based on the connection and contents of the idea. This DigiNDA can be seen as an extra independent witness in case of problems. By sharing your ideas via ideapitcher every connection is digitally locked and clipped onto your idea. In addition the system also logs all possible data of the signee. No other way of sharing and collaborating provides a level of security this high.

Not another crowd funding platform!
Other then existing funding platforms, ideapitcher empowers those who need the tools to work on their ideas in the best possible way. Starting with their inner circle and business network up to new people who might help to launch it sky high. It’s not all about the money, it’s about the network that is within reach through ideapitcher. At this moment ideapitcher is developing further services and options to extend the platform and offer more valuable services and connections.

The team will be present at the Websummit this year to connect with all the different stakeholders and in search of investors who want to join the future of ideation.