idea developement process

ideapitcher’s ideation process: a ‘gentleman’s agreement’

As you already know, the ideapitcher team is on a mission to revolutionize the way we develop and share ideas. Sharing and collecting actionable feedback are one of the most important steps in the ‘ideation’ process. Therefor we have to live by that rule ourselves as wel. That’s exactly why we opened up ideapitcher already for those of you who want to be part of our mission, even while we’re not totally happy with the tool jet. We are very pleased with all the feedback we receive from you guys, thanks for making us better!

We’ve managed to create a secure environment for your precious ideas. You’re already able to invite trusted contacts and share your dreams with them. The digital Non Disclosure Agreement is in place so you won’t have to be scared someone highjacks your plans. This means that you can use ideapitcher already for the first important steps in the development of your ideas. Is it any good or just a silly ‘brain fart’? After that you’ll have to collaborate, find experts and build your businessplan to pitch for investment in the end. As you might have seen, we’re still working on those strong parts of our future platform. We’re even talking to other companies and platforms at this very moment to explore possible collaboration. Always with one goal in mind, to create the most valuable platform for people with ideas, companies, specialists, governments and investors to launch ideas that will impact millions of lives. Do you know someone who might be of help, you can reach us at Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ , just mail or give us a call!

Okay, nice words but where do you want us to agree on?
I’m writing this ‘Gentleman’s Agreement’ to ask your forgiveness for some possible bugs, misfits or things we didn’t nail jet in ideapitcher. We might be staying in a ‘permanent Bèta’ because we want to optimize the tools we develop constantly. We know that we have a #goodidea, a very strong team and a perfect network to realize our own dreams. On the other hand, we know nobody acts flawless even our team. Therefor we are always open for feedback, tips & tricks, new thoughts and different opinions about what we do. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to tell or do something about ideapitcher!

We believe in sharing knowledge, experience and passion. We are open to share everything we know in exchange for good ideas, helpful and structured feedback and possibilities we didn’t think of jet. Our plans rise till the moon and even beyond, don’t be shy to give your opinion. Collaborating in a good way will only make this world better place!

So, if you use ideapitcher, you’ll agree to our statement that nothing is perfect and we’re still trying to revolutionize the way we share and develop ideas. The ideation process is always subject to change, that’s exactly the same at ideapitcher. We are very happy with all you guys who are already using our tools, giving feedback and helping us reaching our goals. We couldn’t do this without you!