This is how it all started

Welcome to ideapitcher, the most advanced and safe way to share your valuable ideas with trusted contacts or, if you prefer, the whole world.

We started our journey a while a go by making some sketches of how it would look like. We’re happy to share some of those first drawings with you, don’t look at the quality i’m not the best photoshopper in the world πŸ˜‰ As you can see many things changed during the development. Even the name and URL is different, the only thing that remained is the background, don’t you love it? I do!

The first page i made was the homepage, yes even i start with the look-and-feel..
ideapitcher old homapage

I’m the type of person who’s developing his idea by dragging and dropping in photoshop, so most of the first functions are created while “designing”. This was supposed to be the profile page, sorry not my best picture πŸ™‚
ideapitcher old profile page
Then i was stealing some Linkedin timeline features to create my own timeline. At this moment there isn’t even a timeline but only “notifications”, it will be better but we’re still building don’t blame the messenger!
ideapitcher old timeline
One of the main development strategies is to make ideapitcher very easy to use. Our users are the most important persons on earth so they don’t want to search, learn or click the help button. Everything has to be stupidly simple and easy to use. Therefor i did some deskresearch on importing contacts from existing platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Windows Live. Unfortunately all those networks have disabled this function in their API’s on the moment we started building ideapitcher πŸ™ Therefor we decided to start with email communication and just a login via Linkedin. In the nearby future we will build it as we want but we couldn’t wait to start and empower you to pitch your ideas! This is how i thought of the import page in the beginning…
ideapitcher old import contacts page
The first main objective of ideapitcher is getting your valuable ideas at a safe place which you can enter from everywhere. Creative minds are filled with beautiful ideas but how do you get those ideas to a succes if you head is full of jammers. Yes, you might not agree with me but ideas stuffed in your head are most of the time only jammers and nothing more. Therefore we created a safe and encrypted database for all your beautiful ideas that will change the world. This is how the first sketch of “adding an idea” looked like:
ideapitcher old add idea page
After adding an idea you want to know if it’s any good. Therefore you’ll have to share it with relevant people who know something about the subject. Of course you can share your ideas with friends at the bar but how relevant do you think the feedback will be if you enjoy a drink or two πŸ˜‰ Besides that, good friends want to support you no matter what. Therefor it is advisable to share your idea with a group of different people who you might not invite to grab a drink with. By clustering people in groups you are able to compare the feedback from different sources and optimize your plans if necessary. This is how i thought pitchgroups could be created. At this moment ideapitcher doesn’t allow to create pitchgroups but that will be in one of our upcoming updates!
ideapitcher old pitchgroup page
After importing (at this moment just inviting) contacts, adding an idea and creating pitchgroups you’re ready to create your first pitch. This is how i thought it would look like:
ideapitcher old create pitch page
After those sketches i just created the “all contacts” page and then i stopped designing. When i look at it, it looks pretty good but i’m confident that i was a good choice to focus on other things myself. I started writing down all the functions that came up in my mind, sorted them by “Need to have” & “Nice to have” and the phases in which we had to create them.

I’m so happy we are were we are at this moment. I can’t wait to show you much more from our test-version. That’s far more advanced then the one you’re looking at, but we are not ready to get everything online. That’s how it works with ideas, a baby step at the time. If you have any questions just mail me at: or give me a call: +31(0)623449573

Cheers, Quinten