Update #1

We’re happy to announce the first serious update. We’ve managed to develop some nice new features, but are still working on some pretty nice stuff for the nearby future. In this update we wanted to make some things easier and give ‘feedbackers’ more space to share their thoughts. I hope you like them, we do!

1. Tour
The first update is adding a tour or help function. Everybody that enters ideapitcher for the first time will be guided trough the possibilities with our tour. You can acces the tour by hitting the ‘help’ button any time you want later on.

Contacts page
ideapitcher tour contacts

ideapitcher tour dashboard

Your ideas
ideapitcher tour ideas

Your pitches
ideapitcher tour pitches

2. Safety & Privacy
We’ve made your profile more private to the different viewers you’ll get on your page. When people, other than ‘connections’, land on your profile page, they’ll see only the pitches that they are allowed to see. The others are hidden behind a placeholder image. It’s easy to discover how others see your profile, just hit the “as other see my it” button in the right corner of your profile page. Next to that only ‘connections’ are allowed to see your contact information, everyone else has to request a connection first. That’s also new by the way 😉

How others see your profile
ideapitcher profile page others

Request connection
ideapitcher request connection

3. Notifications
We’ve made the notifications easier to use by separating different sorts of notifications. Now you’ll see the updates of connections in the left tab, the connections requests, the acces requests on your pitches, the received feedback and the archive in the following tabs. Next to that you see we added this blog in the left corner bottom menu, next to the ‘help’ function.

Ordered notifications and new menu’s
Schermafbeelding 2015-06-11 om 00.50.37

4. Feedback
We’ve created a new field in the feedback form. It’s now possible to write your thoughts down after you give stars about a question. This makes the questionnaire much more valuable and relevant to compare each persons opinion within the ‘audience’.

Feedback form with text area
ideapitcher feedback form

We hope your like these updates. We are very happy to see ideapitcher grow and getting better every day. I hope you love it as much as we do!

Cheers, Quinten