Why is ideapitcher different?

Some people ask us why we are different compared to existing ways to develop ideas and search for funding. We’ll explain it to you guys. (Crowd)funding platforms are purely build to raise money, mostly for living businesses or at least worked out concepts. They don’t facilitate in the most important steps of ideation (idea development). ideapitcher starts at the tiny beginning of a potential super successful idea, the moment it pops in you head. The others are only relevant in a much later phase, when you’re thinking of funding. They skip the first crucial moments.

Other services like al lot of incubators (not all of them) or companies that are helping fresh entrepreneurs, are investing to much effort in stead of the little the (crowd)funders do. Most of those ‘helpers’ are almost developing the ideas and building the start-ups themselves. They do the work while the ‘founders’ are watching what happens and “learning” at the side. Of course we’re absolutely not talking about all of them but some go to far in our opinion.

“If an entrepreneur can’t create and manage his own ideas and dreams, what kind of succes would you expect in the future? They’ll have to use the tools themselves.”

A fresh entrepreneur has to struggle, fail, learn, start-over and succeed again and again to gain the knowledge of creating and managing success. If somebody else does that for him, he has to start experiencing those vital steps in far later stage of the business. That might be dangerous for him and the idea. Therefor we believe that every person with an idea he or she believes in, should try to walk most steps on their own. This is the first test to show if the team is capable in succeeding the challenge.

Of course you can’t do everything on your own. Therefor we created ideapitcher, a platform that enables everybody with an idea to develop it themselves. They are writing down their ideas to get the nessecary actionable feedback from the network they already have and enrich. They build their teams with the tools we provide, we’re not doing it for them. ideapitcher gives you the tools to develop your own ideas in your own way with the people you choose and that’s totally different than other tools.

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